Manuscript Chinese Patterned Ink Stick

Manuscript Chinese Patterned Ink Stick

  • Rs. 870.00

Manuscript's solid Chinese Ink Stick offers an authentic means to creating Chinese calligraphy and brush paintings. The solid ink is also commonly used in many other disciplines including calligraphy practise with a dip pen & nib.

By grinding the Solid ink stick against the ink stone, you will be able to control the depth of colour that you require. Grind a little bit and add more water and you will create a light grey, muted tone. Repeatedly grind and add less water for a more saturated and in depth black pigment.


  • Solid black ink stick with decorative Chinese illustration and symbols
  • Dimensions: 92 x 22 mm
  • Professional Artist Quality Chinese Ink
  • By grinding the solid stick against the grinding stone and adding water, you can control the depth of colour
  • Depending upon powdered ink to water ratio, colour moves from light grey to intense black
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