Manuscript Classic Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set

Manuscript Classic Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set

  • Rs. 1,695.00

Manuscript's 5 Nib Calligraphy set with Classic pen, Ink Cartridges and case is the perfect gift set for budding and experienced calligraphers to practise with and learn calligraphy. The set contains 5 quality Nibs that allow you to experiment with font sizes, styles and colour.

NOTE: Fountain pens use ink cartridges or converters but only work with water soluble or non-permanent ink.


  • This set contains 5 interchangeable, precision-cut nibs: Fine (0.85mm) nib section, Medium (1.1mm) nib section, Broad (1.35mm) nib section, 2B (1.6mm) nib section and 4B (2.8mm) nib section with a Classic pen model
  • Set also contains: Black Fountain pen ink cartridges (international size), a fountain pen ink converter for use with bottled ink and an instruction leaflet
  • Suitable for cartooning, sketching, illustrative work, decorative writing and more
  • Ideal for experienced calligrapher, graphic & beginning artists and crafters
  • Includes Storage case
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