Manuscript Classic Fountain Pen & Ink Eraser Set

Manuscript Classic Fountain Pen & Ink Eraser Set

  • Rs. 625.00

Manuscript Cartridge Pens have been ergonomically designed with fingertip grips to aid pen control for smooth and even writing combined with an ink Eraser/Corrector Pen for added value. This is a must for every pencil case!

How to use the Ink Eraser/Corrector Pen:

  • Apply the white end of the Corrector to the text that you wish to amend and allow 10-20 seconds for it to fade and dry. (The white corrector end will only erase washable blue ink used in the Fountain pen.)
  • Use the blue end to write over the corrected area. (The blue end contains permanent ink that cannot be erased with the corrector.)

Pack contains:

  • Classic pen model
  • Medium Iridium nib
  • Mini Ink Eraser/Corrector pen
  • 2 x Blue international sized ink cartridge
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