Manuscript Italic Trio Fountain Pen - Geo

Manuscript Italic Trio Fountain Pen - Geo

  • Rs. 1,360.00

Italic Trio Fountain pen is suitable for calligraphy, handwriting, line drawings, doodling and more!

The Italic Trio pen is a truly versatile and attractive fountain pen that is suitable for everyday use and heres whyThe rounded edges of the nib enable one to comfortably write and draw in all directions without loosing a constant ink flow.

The Trio's italic nib encourages a cursive style of handwriting that is more attractive and legible. The triangular and ergonomic shape of the pen rests comfortably in your hand eliminating any tension build up or discomfort over long periods of time.


  • Ergonomic Trio Fountain Pen
  • 1.1mm (Medium) Italic nib; Geometric Design
  • 2 Black Ink Cartridges
  • Refill and product care instructions included
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