Manuscript Master Italic Fountain Pen

Manuscript Master Italic Fountain Pen

  • Rs. 2,370.00

For an unforgettable Calligraphy writing experience!

Manuscript's new Master Italic pen has been carefully engineered to ensure a smooth and continuous delivery of ink. By simply holding the nib at a 45 degree angle this fountain pen allows you to add definition and style to everyday handwriting or go one step further with individual italic creations for that special occasion.

Using an Italic nib...Resting your hand on a surface, hold your Master pen at a 45 degree angle to the horizontal line, then with a relaxed grip put pen to paper and maintain a continuous movement of the wrist.


  • 1.1 mm Medium Italic Nib
  • A lux finish that's tough and durable
  • 2 Black Ink Cartridges included (International sized)
  • Storage Case
  • Care instructions included
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