Manuscript Quill Pen - Orange

Manuscript Quill Pen - Orange

  • Rs. 1,425.00

Manuscript's colourful assortment of Quill Pens enable you to create beautiful writing and decorative designs in the style of medieval scribes. Available in seven colours - Ivory, Gold, Orange, Moss Green, Deep Red, Navy Blue and Burgundy.

Each Quill pen comes with a bronzed Leonardt accommodation tip and replaceable Leonardt Drawing nib. The Quill pen makes an ideal gift, keepsake and authentic method for practising the art of calligraphy.

The Bronze accomodation tip enables you to replace the nib at the end of the quill pen to any nib of your choice across Leonardt's Range of nibs; from the popular Copperplate nibs, Principal nib, G nib to the Ornamental and General Purpose nibs.


  • Orange Quill Pen
  • Bronze Accommodation Tip and Drawing Nib (DP256, Bronze) included
  • Bronze accommodation enables you to remove nib and use Quill pen like Dip pen nib holder
  • Included Nib: Drawing Nib (DP256, Bronze, Suitable for use on China & Porcelain) for versals & tendrils
  • For use with Leonardt Round hand, Tape, Poster, Italic, Copperplate, Scroll, Ornamental, Drawing and General Nibs
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