Manuscript Solid Ink Grinding Stone

Manuscript Solid Ink Grinding Stone

  • Rs. 1,320.00

Manuscript's Solid Ink Grinding stone enables you to grind up a solid ink stick with water to get the consistency and colour that you desire. This grinding slab is most suitable for small to medium ink sticks.

The Duan stone material used has a surface structure which is naturally coarse and works well on your chinese ink stick.


  • 1 Solid Chinese Ink Grinding Stone
  • The Chinese Ink grinding stone is carved from slate known as 'Duan' from the Duanxi River in Southern China
  • Using the stone: Add droplets of water before grinding the solid Chinese ink stick onto the slate
  • Dimensions: 135 mm x 75 mm x 20 mm
  • Please Note: Chinese Ink Stick is not included
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