Nikko - Comic Pen Nib No.N357 - Spoon Type - Pack of 10

  • Rs. 1,250.00

Nikko Nib 357 is also called as spoon nib because of its distinctive shape.

Spoon nibs are popular among cartoonists and calligraphers because of their ability to give crisp lines. These nibs are generally firmer than the popular G nib which means it's easier to get a more uniform line width.

These nibs are quite hard and little flex as compared to G nib. Perfectly suits to mono-linear writing style i.e. with uniform line regardless of pressure on the nib and can easily obtained thin and precise lines. These nibs are smooth and capable of holding lot of ink. Extra-fine point creates delicate hairlines, lot of pressure is needed to create thick swells, making this nib great for heavy-handed calligraphers.

Perfect for monoline lettering, modern calligraphy styles, and Copperplate. It fits in all standard pen holders.

Available in Pack of 3 and Pack of 10.


  • Nikko 357 Spoon Nib; Small Flex, Fine tip
  • High-quality, Hand-cut, chrome-plated Japanese nib; Perfect for drawing as well as lettering; Nibs are smooth, long lasting and capable of holding lot of ink
  • Perfect for monoline lettering, modern calligraphy styles, and Copperplate
  • Fits in all standard pen holders and has a good balance between flexibility and control; Perfect for achieving extra-fine hairline strokes
  • Made is Japan; Use with bottled ink, Chinese ink stick, watercolours and gouache
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