Tachikawa - Comic Pen Nib No.3 - G-Type

  • Rs. 110.00

Tachikawa G Nibs is smoothest G nib for beginners in modern calligraphy, with a medium flex.

These are high-quality, hand-cut, chrome-plated Japanese nibs which give great hairlines or much bolder, broader lines on downstrokes, making it perfect for drawing as well as lettering too. Ideal for drawing outlines or effect lines that gradate from thin to thick. They're extremely smooth and long-lasting.

Perfect for Spencerian, Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy style. It fits in all standard pen holders. These are very similar to Nikko G but slightly harder and less flexible.

Available in Pack of 3 and Pack of 10.


  • Tachikawa G Nib; Medium Flex, Fine tip
  • High-quality, Hand-cut, chrome-plated Japanese nib; Perfect for drawing as well as lettering; Extremely smooth and long-lasting
  • Perfect for Spencerian, Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy style
  • Fits in all standard pen holders and has a good balance between flexibility and control; Perfect for achieving both hairline strokes and strong swells.
  • Made in Japan; Use with bottled ink, Chinese ink stick, watercolours, gouache and acrylics
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