Tachikawa - Comic Pen Nib No.77 - Maru Pen (Soft)

  • Rs. 195.00

Tachikawa Nib-77 Maru Pen is a small, quite soft nib designed for drawing sharp lines. Maru Nibs- Mapping or round- are ideal for creating highly detailed drawings due to the extra fine tip. Tachikawa 77 is bigger and more flexible than Tachikawa 99 Maru Pen Hard.

This mapping style Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib draws thin lines to thick lines easily. The nib is soft, so it is more comfortable to control the nib and easier to draw thick lines.


  • Tachikawa Nib -77 Maru Pen Soft; Medium Flex; Extra Fine Tip; Pack of-
  • Small, quite soft nib designed for drawing sharp lines
  • Ideal for creating highly detailed drawing due to extra fine tip
  • Capable for excellent line variation for pointed pen scripts such as Copperplate and Spencerian
  • Ideal for intermediate or advanced level calligraphers and not recommended for beginners
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